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De Novo Sequencing

Phronetik proudly offers advanced De Novo Sequencing services, designed to unlock the mysteries of genomes that have not been previously mapped or referenced. Our De Novo Sequencing is a foundational tool for researchers working with novel organisms, rare species, or any genetic material that lacks an existing genomic framework. By starting from scratch, this service provides a comprehensive approach to understanding the genetic blueprint of an organism, paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries in biology, genetics, and evolutionary studies.


Utilizing the latest sequencing technologies, Phronetik assembles complete genomes from scratch. Our high-throughput sequencing platforms enable us to generate vast amounts of data, ensuring that even the most complex genomes are assembled with high accuracy and resolution.


Beyond sequencing and assembly, we provide detailed annotation and analysis of the genetic material. This includes identifying genes and their functions, characterizing genetic elements, and exploring genomic structures. Our bioinformatics experts leverage sophisticated algorithms and databases to enrich the raw sequence data with meaningful biological insights.


Recognizing the unique nature of De Novo Sequencing projects, Phronetik offers customizable solutions tailored to meet the specific objectives and challenges of each study. Whether you're focusing on a particular genomic region or aiming for a whole-genome assembly, our team works closely with you to design a project that aligns with your research goals.

Applications Across Diverse Fields

Image by Marek Okon

Biodiversity and Conservation

Understanding the genetic basis of species diversity and adaptation to inform conservation strategies.

Image by Steven Weeks


Enhancing crop and livestock genetics for improved yield, resilience, and nutritional qualities.

Image by Mathurin NAPOLY / matnapo


Discovering novel genes and metabolic pathways for industrial, pharmaceutical, and environmental applications.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Evolutionary Biology

Investigating the genetic evolution of organisms to gain insights into their historical developments and relationships.

Image by CDC

Why Choose Phronetik for De Novo Sequencing?


Expertise and Experience

With a team of seasoned professionals in genomics and bioinformatics, Phronetik brings deep expertise and a proven track record of success to every De Novo Sequencing project.


Commitment to Quality and Accuracy

Quality control is paramount in our processes, from sample preparation to data analysis, guaranteeing that the results we deliver are both accurate and reliable.


Cutting-edge Technology

We invest in the latest sequencing technologies and computational resources, ensuring that our clients have access to the most advanced capabilities in the field.


Collaborative Approach

We believe in working closely with our clients, providing regular updates, insights, and consultations throughout the project to ensure that the final outcomes exceed expectations.

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