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Research & Data Science Services

Phronetik's Research & Data Science Services provide consultation regarding regulatory requirements, study design, and preclinical development. We support development activities by providing the infrastructure, expertise and resources necessary to develop and ensure the safety and effectiveness of new or existing medical treatment, understand and engage patients, and grow medical knowledge. Throughout our process is a targeted focus on innovative and practical approaches to increase diverse and inclusive representation in clinical research. Contact us to get started!

Translational Research

Phronetik's translational research methodology is 'bench-to-beside' and 'bedside-to-community'. This involves moving knowledge and discovery from basic science to practical application in both clinical and community settings. We do this with laser-like focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion in clinical trials and supporting data fairness as we identify new opportunities and approaches to health problems.

We offer the following research and data science support:

  • Research Design

  • Protocol Development

  • Laboratory Support

  • Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, and Epidemiology Services

  • Study Start-Up, Recruitment, and Execution

  • Digital Clinical Trial Support

  • Compliance and Regulatory Support

  • Community Based Research

  • Precision Medicine Tools and Techniques

  • Emergent Technology Support

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Image credit from Cancer Research UK

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