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Target Capture Sequencing

Phronetik is at the forefront of precision genomics, offering specialized Target Capture Sequencing services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our suite of services includes Human Whole Exome Sequencing, Target Region Sequencing, and Clinical Whole Exome Sequencing, each designed to facilitate in-depth genetic analysis for research, clinical studies, and personalized medicine applications. Here's how each service is structured to provide high-resolution insights into the human genome:


Our Human Whole Exome Sequencing service focuses on capturing and sequencing all the exons in the human genome—regions that code for proteins and are crucial for understanding many genetic disorders. This service is particularly valuable for researchers and clinicians interested in studying genetic variations linked to diseases, drug responses, and complex traits. By concentrating on the exome, which constitutes about 1% of the genome but harbors approximately 85% of known disease-related variants, we offer a cost-effective yet comprehensive approach to uncovering the genetic basis of human conditions.


Target Region Sequencing is a highly specialized service designed for clients interested in analyzing specific genomic regions or sets of genes. This approach is ideal for focused studies on known genetic markers, pathogenic variants, or regions of interest that are relevant to particular diseases or traits. Our advanced target capture methods ensure high specificity and depth of coverage, enabling precise variant detection and allele frequency determination within the selected regions. This targeted approach accelerates research and development efforts, offering a rapid pathway from genetic insights to actionable findings.


Clinical Whole Exome Sequencing is tailored for diagnostic and prognostic applications in a clinical setting. This service is designed to identify causal variants for a wide range of genetic disorders, aiding in the diagnosis, management, and treatment planning for patients with rare genetic conditions. Our Clinical Whole Exome Sequencing goes beyond traditional diagnostic methods, providing comprehensive coverage of all coding regions to unearth clinically relevant genetic information. Coupled with our rigorous data analysis and interpretation framework, this service supports clinicians in delivering precision medicine by enabling informed decision-making based on a patient's genetic makeup.

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Key Advantages of Phronetik Target Capture Sequencing Services


High Sensitivity and Specificity:

Our cutting-edge target capture techniques ensure high sensitivity and specificity, allowing for the detection of even low-frequency variants.


Clinical-grade Insights

Our Clinical Whole Exome Sequencing provides actionable insights that adhere to the highest standards of clinical research, supporting patient care and therapeutic development.



We offer customizable panel options for Target Region Sequencing, enabling clients to tailor their research focus according to specific genes or regions of interest.


Expert Support

Phronetik offers comprehensive support from sample preparation to data analysis and interpretation, backed by a team of experts in genomics and clinical research.

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