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Integrating Genomics into Research & Patient Care
Driving Scientific Discovery
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Reliable partner to government agencies and the private sector 

Phronetik delivers genomic innovation and research excellence to government agencies, academic circles, healthcare systems, and the biotech industry. Our independent research and laboratory deliver precision medicine advancements for biopharma, academic research, and healthcare sectors. We stand at the forefront of transformation, offering cutting-edge genomic services and solutions that redefine the boundaries of what's possible in healthcare. 

Image by National Cancer Institute

Diversity & Inclusion in Research

Phronetik is committed to inclusive research, data fairness, and equitable initiatives in biotechnology and genomics.  We are deliberate in our approach to involving racial and ethnic minority groups, as well as other populations that experience health disparities, including gender and sexual minorities and socioeconomically disadvantaged populations, in research and clinical studies.

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