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Research at Phronetik

Our Research

Phronetik, as an independent research institution focused on a broad spectrum of biomedical, translational, clinical, and social behavioral research, has positioned itself at the forefront of addressing complex health disparities and advancing medical science with a keen emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

Image by National Cancer Institute
Image by CDC

Promoting Diversity
& Inclusion

Phronetik’s emphasis on diversity and inclusion is not just about equitable representation but is deeply rooted in the understanding that diverse research teams bring varied perspectives, which can lead to more creative solutions to complex problems. This approach ensures that research outcomes are more reflective of the population's needs, thereby increasing the applicability and effectiveness of medical interventions across different demographic groups. It also plays a crucial role in minimizing biases in research, which have historically marginalized certain groups in medical studies.

Biomedical Research

Translational Research

Clinical Research

Social Behavioral Research

Research Specializations

Our Impact

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