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Data Science Services

Our data science services are founded on the principle that quantitative empirical observations, when interpreted through sophisticated mathematical models, have long been essential across all domains of life sciences.

At Phronetik, our dedication to unraveling the complexities of genomics, proteomics, and cellular biology is enhanced by our comprehensive support system. This system includes meticulous sample preparation, high-quality research reagents, user-friendly detection platforms, and expert services designed to deepen our clients' understanding of biological functions and disease mechanisms.

We are convinced that the future of life sciences is inextricably linked with data science. Phronetik embodies this fusion by offering cutting-edge computational resources and fostering a collaborative environment where engineers, scientists, data analysts, biologists, and physicians work in close synergy.


Our commitment extends to promoting the integration of data science across all facets of life sciences, ensuring that our partners are equipped with the insights and tools necessary for groundbreaking discoveries and innovations.

Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Services

We pride ourselves on our profound expertise in bioinformatics and biostatistics, two cornerstone disciplines within our research and laboratory operations that significantly contribute to advancing public health research and informed decision-making. Although bioinformatics and biostatistics may seem closely related—and indeed, both fields are integral to our data-driven approach—they each play distinct roles in our quest to uncover new insights. Bioinformaticians and biostatisticians, with their unique skill sets, complement each other perfectly, ensuring a comprehensive analysis of complex biological data. This synergy not only enhances our research capabilities but also ensures that our findings have a meaningful impact on public health strategies and outcomes.

  • Bioinformatics is the science of collecting and analyzing complex biological data such as genetic codes. Bioinformatics serves as the sector that’s developing and applying computational algorithms and analysis methodologies to big biological data such as genetic sequences and patterns.

  • Biostatistics is the branch of statistics that deals with data relating to living organisms. In the industry, Biostatistics serves as the Life Science of designing, conducting, analyzing, and interpreting studies aimed at improving public health and medicine. 

Our bioinformatics and biostatistics services are tailored to the study being conducted under the direction of the principal investigator (PI).


Artificial Intelligence & Precision Medicine

Data science in life science and healthcare uses mathematical modeling, machine learning, simulation and deep analysis to analyze large volumes of patient data. By examining data patterns and connecting disparate healthcare data, Phronetik helps organizations make the most of their data to reveal patterns in disease and aid care.


Emergent Technology Support

At Phronetik we are always looking for new ways to present findings. Embedding new innovation and technology for sensing, connecting and processing life science and health data in a modern, digitally mature manner. Examples include Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, mobile apps, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

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