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Navigating Genomics for Informed Healthcare

Move Beyond Cookie Cutter Data

Enable Health Data, 

Empower Health Choices

iConcordia™, a cloud-based platform, utilizes advanced analytics to analyze patient data and genomic information, generating risk profiles and recommendations for clinical trials, interventions, and study designs across diverse disciplines. iConcordia integrates structured and unstructured data to provide valuable insights and facilitate communication among healthcare professionals, researchers, and patients, with a focus on widespread adoption through a subscription-based model.

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iConcordia™ delivers:


Pattern Recognition

Risk Profile Assessments

Population Trends

Diagnostic & Therapeutic Decision Support



Biomodeling Capabilities

Epigenetic Capabilities

Predictive Data Analysis

Patient Demographic Analysis

Where Health Intelligence Becomes Actionable.

Your Path to

Informed Health Outcomes

Image by Shubham Dhage

Arm Research & Clinical Staff

Use iConcordia to:

  • Create meaningful and realistic clinical study designs tailored for the target population.

  • Anticipate resource needs for intervention activities.

  • Realize improved patient recruitment and retention outcomes.

  • Create knowledge across disciplines.

  • Provide personalized information for one or more patients or populations.

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