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Phronetik™ is a full-service, fully integrated biomedical research company dedicated to improving and advancing human health through scientific research by investigating the cause, prevention, and treatment of disease.


We advance scientific knowledge by conducting independent research and incorporating genomics, biotechnology, precision medicine, bioinformatics, research support and data science to improve diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring. Phronetik™ drives impact to clinical and translational research with actionable insights and help guide every-day medical decisions throughout a patient's life.

The name Phronetik™ is an amalgamation of two Greek words: phronesis (wisdom) and kinetic (to move).  Put simply, in our quest to leverage technology innovation to improve clinical research and healthcare, we move [forward] with wisdom.

Who We Serve

  • Government

  • Life Science Organizations

  • Public and Private Hospitals

  • Health Systems

  • Pharmaceutical Organizations

  • Academic Medical Centers

  • Private Research Organizations

  • Private Practices

  • Community Based Organizations

  • Non-Profits

Get to Know Us

Phronetik™ is a certified service-disabled veteran, woman and minority owned small business. 


Our regionally focused teams​​ are comprised of subject matter experts​​ in the areas of research, biotechnology, bioinformatics, biostatistics, data analysis, clinical studies, FDA regulations, program management, and other capabilities.

Our core offerings center in the scientific, research, clinical, and health domains.  We understand that several other factors influence health and well being, including environment, access to resources, and lifestyle. Therefore, we also support organizations that strive to make a difference by positively impacting public health, communities, and emergency response.

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